How to get Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from with in ourselves and from our actions. When we do good, we feel satisfied and happy. Now the question is what should we do to get Peace of mind?

Be humble

Be kind

Be generous and selfless

Sympathise with others

Help the needy

Feed the poor

Forgive others

Respect everyone

To state these things is the most easiest thing but to act upon these is the most difficult thing. To be honest, I haven’t been able to follow these completely as well. But those who are to do this get the eternal peace of mind.

What do you say, Is it easy?

The wonders of Appreciation

Appreciation takes the best out of a person? Isn’t it?

A sentence or simply a word of appreciation can do wonders for us. It makes us feel special and blessed. It shows that we are important to someone. There is someone who acknowledges our efforts, hardships and sacrifices we have made for them.

Appreciation plays an important role in the growth of our personality. It balances our behaviour. It diminishes our anger and calms our aggression. It gives us positive energy encourages us to be more giving and helpful. It makes us cheerful.

We remain so occupied these days that we forget to appreciate the people around us especially our parents, siblings, our better half and kids . We should acknowledge their importance in our lives because appreciation plays a vital part in our personal, emotional, behavioural and psychological development.

How to help people with mental health issues

People who go through some trauma,suffered from a great loss or gone through severe hardships tend to develop mental health issues. Most of the time they are close relations so you can not abandon them and you should not because they need your help the most. But they don’t consider it serious enough to consult a psychiatrist unaware of the side effects of illness and the impact it is going to cast upon the people living with them.

People with mental health issues are very difficult to handle.They consider themselves the most miserable people because they have suffered a lot and believe nobody can match them.Everyone looks inferior to them.You need to have great amount of patience,tolerance and not to forget , a great listening power to handle such people.

people with mental health issues tend to become agressive very often and you never understand what would annoy them.They become abusive and some of them talk continuously.People around them need to be very patient because your self esteem is trampled many times.

But the question is how do we help them?

Consult a good psychiatrist.

Be kind and sympathetic.

Listen to them patiently.

Acknowledge their sacrifices and hardships.

Take them to a walk or a trip to hilly area would have a good impact.

Forget and forgive.

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