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What’s Life?

Life is a blessing

A kid’s smile,

Or a poor man’s cry;

A clear bright day,

Or a dark night;

Beauty of a flower,

Or a sharp pointed spike;

A colourful rainbow,

Or a pale delight;

A successful experience,

Or a depressing demise ;

What’s life?

What’s life?

Challenges of life

Let’s be honest,Let’s be wise

Have some patience to gain some rise

Because it takes a while

To be a person you want to be in life

It will whip you with a lash

Try to throw you in a trash

But you will return with a might

Beating it with humility,perseverance and great insight

Because you can do whatever you want

It’s your life , it’s your right.

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I am still alive

I am still alive

Going through the brutalities of life

Tormented by the negative vibes

I am still alive

Harsh words piercing through my soul

Tearing me apart by throwing stones

I am still alive

Stung by gusty and harsh behaviours

Causing me severe failures

I am still alive

Striving for hardships to grind

Craving for peace of mind

I am still alive

Hustling of Life — haroonsblog

Hurry,hurry, hurry

There is no time to worry

The world is going very fastly

And I don’t want to be left out lastly

It is running after money

And wants to have every luxury

We are losing our values slowly

Sportsmanship,tolerance,forgiveness honestly

Life is passing by having worldly pain

Without caring for everlasting gain

Hustling of Life — haroonsblog

Season ending sales — haroonsblog

Sales drive people ,especially women crazy. Think of shopoholick, they bump into brands after brands making the most of sales.Some people first do survey on net , comparing prices of different articles before going to buy.Many people do online shopping.Although, in my online shopping doesn’t out to be the best experience. Window shopping has been […]

Season ending sales — haroonsblog