Poetry……..Lifting Life

Brightening briefs

Straightening strays

Calming craziness

Deepen decisiveness

Thrive thoughtfulness

Create creativity

Erase the envy

Challenge the charity

Ink the immensity

Develop the Destiny

Let’s lift life

Aloofing the atrocity.

What do we want from our life?

Life is full of twists and turns. It is full of surprises and adventures. Every instance teaches us a new lesson. Each experience gives new direction to our lives and adds a different perspective. Life is a great teacher itself.

The question is what do we want from our life?

Is it worldly happiness or Devine satisfaction?

We all study and work hard to achieve success in our life. We want to get the best job, a big bungalow full of luxuries, a big car. We seem to become materialistic and it is ok. It is our nature to work for a better life but does that give us peace of mind and heart. Even after we achieve our goals, we seem to be empty. We want to have more and more and more.

What are we running after?

What do we actually want and what do we actually need?

In running after worldly pursuits, we tend to forget the morals values, goodness of heart, patience, forgiveness, charity and above everything else humanity. We get the degrees but we act ignorantly. We don’t learn to respect. We get the riches but we don’t have the courage to spend it for the needy and poor. We expect others to forgive us for our mistake but we don’t do it ourselves. We don’t have the patience to bear the losses of life. We don’t care for right or wrong to achieve our aims. We go astray. We get every luxury except the peace of mind.

Our conscious is the best judge. It starts giving us the red signal whenever we go wrong , no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that everything is fair in love and war. Our conscious is our accountability force. I think this is the force that doesn’t let us have peace of mind even when we have everything we want because it is pricking us with our wrong doings all the time . It demands us to accept our mistakes and mend our ways. It directs us towards the right side. It doesn’t let us go astray.

How can we make our life better? How can we get the peace of mind?

We need to mend our ways. We should thank the Almighty for all that we have got. We should be content with what we have. We should always think good of others. We should never loose our direction to achieve our aims. We should be kind and forgiving. We should be polite. We should help the needy. We need to feel the pain of sufferers. And by helping them, you get the most demanding peace of mind. You feel good at heart. The best way to get The peace of mind is by doing charity and helping the needy.

In today’s world , we are running after becoming the mighty force to rule and dictate the world. Instead of working together to achieve universal goals and work for the betterment of the whole humanity, we want individual progress . We go to extreme lengths to achieve th aim. Especially in this time of pandemic harrasment, a new phenomenon has evolved, the index have fluctuated, the priorities have changed. The developed have been challenged and realised the need to make more efforts to save the dying humanity. This can be gained by collaborating with each other and work for a universal goal and serve the humanity which is the ultimate purpose of mankind.

What do you say?

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