Shall we call ourselves human?

We lack forgiveness and patience

Have you seen any crewman?

Gracious and chasing relations

Blaming others for our fall

Forget to counter our own faults

Makes it difficult to stand tall

How long will we face this assault?

Why do we attack our friends?

For race, faith and colour

We need to put a strong end

To this discriminatory usher

Hoping for humanity to soon recover

Let our tolerance and humility rediscover.


She was frozen

The oppression was risen

Her beauty faded

The sparkle diminished

By the brutality of others

She wanted to live

She wanted to fly

Her wings were cluttered

By the societal blinds

She continued to strive

Against the conservative might

Achieved new heights

Through her determination and great insight

The journey wasn’t easy

It had many predicament

But the joy to reach the impossible

Brought the great delight.