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What do we want from our life?

Life is full of twists and turns. It is full of surprises and adventures. Every instance teaches us a new lesson. Each experience gives new direction to our lives and adds a different perspective. Life is a great teacher itself. The question is what do we want from our life? Is it worldly happiness orContinue reading “What do we want from our life?”

Mystery Bloggers Awards

I am honored to be nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award by Steve Mcleod and Neha Nandwana and Aa’eedah. Thank you Steve and Neha for this privilege. Steve is a great human being, nature lover, photographer, adventurer ans a wonderful story teller. His blogs Nature’s Art, Daily Pics, Snow Hoeing show her great passion and loveContinue reading “Mystery Bloggers Awards”


I am truly honored to be nominated for Vincent Ehindero Award by Morag Noffke. Morag Noffke is a wonderful human being, artist, poet, traveler, nature lover and a true guide and blogger. Her blogs, travelogues, art and crafts, water color paintings, poems and photography show her talent, lots of information and life long experiences. SheContinue reading “VINCENT EHINDERO AWARD”

How to utilize time during this Lock Down?

Corona virus has brought families together. People have enough tome to stay at home together which was very difficult to manage keeping in view the hustling and bustling of daily routine. How can we utilize this time? Family Time We have ample time to talk to our loved ones. Listen to them. Speak your heartContinue reading “How to utilize time during this Lock Down?”


Catastrophe has struck our world in form of Corona Virus. It has shocked and devastated the whole world. Even the Developed Countries like Italy, Spain, USA, UK, France, Germany,Australia are having difficulty to cope with it. China has almost overcome it with great efforts and precautionary measure. What about third world countries? How are weContinue reading “CORONA AND THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES LIKE PAKISTAN”

Mystery Blogger Award

I am honoured and thankful to Rising Star for nominating me for the Mystery blogger award. Thanks a lot, Rising Star for the nomination. He is a wonderful writer. His blogs are very informative and inspiring. His writing style is simple and convincing. He presents a deep insight into the topics.You will really like readingContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”