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Poetry……..Silence Echoed

She was loud

Shredding the shroud

Of fake calmness

Bursting with frustration

Showing her anger

Against so called morality

Killing her reality

Diminishing her tenacity

Cuffing her soul

Breaking the mould

Hiding her true self

Wanting to explore

Her inner store

Of relentless curiosity

And compassionate soul.


She was quiet

The gloom was bright

The night was dark

The silence was alight

She wanted to shout

Her voice went out

The words blurred

The tone slurred

She couldn’t describe

The pain that reside

Within her body and soul

Tired of the scroll

Written by the destiny

Destroying her harmony

Fighting hard

To make a mark

To justify her existence

Marred by ignorance

Strengthening her weaknesses

Assisted by innocence

Living like a legend

Putting fallacies to the end.

Poetry…..Expression of Emotions

Expression of emotions

Declining the resistance

Admire the beauty

Patience and sincerity

To give some hope

Courage to cope

The truths of life

Before it’s too late

And you have no one to state

The love and care

That was always there

Use the words

Along with hugs

To calm the storms

Building for so long

Waiting to be acknowledged

Before it’s too late

And bygone.

Blog……….What to do?

The life is strange. It puts you into unscrambled positions where we don’t understand what to do and what to avoid. It seems directionless. It is full of conflicts. It is wavering astray. We find difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. What is the solution? Leave it to the fate and flow with the wind or make difficult choices which may lead to chaos? What should we do ?

Please comment to share your point of view.