Catastrophe has struck our world in form of Corona Virus. It has shocked and devastated the whole world. Even the Developed Countries like Italy, Spain, USA, UK, France, Germany,Australia are having difficulty to cope with it. China has almost overcome it with great efforts and precautionary measure.

What about third world countries?

How are we going to cope with it?

Conditions in third world countries in ASIA like Pakistan and Iran are very tough and can worsen with every minute passing. We don’t have a strong economy and enough Health and Sanitation and Welfare System to cope up with this pandemic. People are unable to fulfill their basic needs and daily necessities of life, how are they going to cope with it? The are unable to buy masks and sanitizers either they don’t have enough money to buy or they are not even available in the markets.

In Pakistan, the hospitals are not enough and we don’t have the capacity to to treat a great number of patients. Doctors and paramedic staff is short. We didn’t have the testing kits ,masks,gloves and necessary equipment for doctors which the Government now importing.Make Shift Hospitals and quarantines are being set up to help suffering people. The Government is trying the best to ensure the safety of people advising them again and again through Television Transmission to follow precautionary measures to keep them safe.All the Educational Institutes have been shut down. Elderly people are asked to stay at home . Unnecessary movement is discouraged unless it is an emergency. Lock Down has been imposed too to keep people in their homes and safe.They have asked people to follow these :


Stay at home

Don’t socialize

Avoid handshakes

Wash hands frequently and use sanitizers

Wear masks

Quarantine yourself if you have signs of flu

These are not difficult to follow but I am so disappointed to see the careless behavior of people here.They are not taking this seriously. They are not following the precautionary measurements. Inspite of constant warnings from the government, they are not staying at home.They are moving freely without knowing that their carelessness can create great havoc in our country where health and sanitation facilities are very scarce. People and kids here are visiting friends and relatives. The need of the hour is to learn from other countries like China,Italy,Spain,USA,UK and Canada to take precautionary measures and follow government advisories.

The Developed Countries or should I say The Super Powers of this world should help under developed countries and understand this fact that if they are having such great difficulty in coping with it then how the under developed countries going to to handle it.Let’s all join hands together , help each other out and save Humanity from this Pandemic which has shaken the world to its core.

To all the people, we may be weak, we may not have adequate health and care facilities, but we have great courage and strong determination and will to fight this pandemic and defeat it. We may belong to a poor country but we are rich at heart and have great resistance power and mental strength to cope with this virus.

We will beat it.

We will overcome it.



  1. Insha’Allah

    The careless behaviour of people is evident here in India as well! I hope they follow the instructions and take precautions before it’s too late.

    Very informative post, Haroon. I really liked the way you presented it. Gracefully opinionated. 🌻🌺

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  2. Yes I think parts of Africa is also going to struggle. Here is South Africa the government has been very proactive, some take head but others don’t. I find it frustrating. We also do not have adequate health care for all that will need it. We must pray and work together. Like you say we must have courage.

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      1. Am from the same country 😊
        In my province we are observing lockdown for 15 days, but what a shameful act is being shown by the people. Shaheen force and rangers are performing their duties.
        May Allah bless them.

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  3. Excellent post and a true depiction of the current situation of the whole world and specially the under developed. In this whole scenario of pandemic the opportunity is there for us as well to extendare hands to those who need oursupport which includes, maids, servants, milkman, gardner, the labours

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  4. Here in the U.S things are all over the place. I’m optimistic but people are a bit too optimistic at the very least they shouldn’t want to get sick. I hope for the best for everyone and this will become a thing of the past very soon. Great post!

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