What do we want from our life?

Life is full of twists and turns. It is full of surprises and adventures. Every instance teaches us a new lesson. Each experience gives new direction to our lives and adds a different perspective. Life is a great teacher itself. The question is what do we want from our life? Is it worldly happiness orContinue reading “What do we want from our life?”

The Power of Speech

Speech is a great gift of gab for human beings. It is a powerful source of expression, communication and gaining knowledge. But we take this capability for granted sometimes. We use speech very abruptly without knowing its outcomes. Our speech consists of Our selection of words, tones and behaviour. Brutal words , harsh behaviour andContinue reading “The Power of Speech”

Challenges of Life

Life is full of challenges and unexpected situations. It can surprise us at any time. Whenever we think life is flowing smoothly, it puts us in dire straits and says  “say cheese”.It tests our will, determination and courage. It can either rejoice us or demoralise us. Different people react to it differently according to theirContinue reading “Challenges of Life”

Together We Stand!

Corona Covid-19 is spreading terror in our cities and countries. Thousands are losing their lives and thousands are becoming a victim to it. My heartfelt and deep condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. No words can lessen their grief and loss but we assure you we stand by you. Your sacrifices willContinue reading “Together We Stand!”

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