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My heart is crying

In persuit of flying

Like a bird

Breaking the shackles of life

Hopes are high

Expectations are wide

My limbs are rusted

My heart is tired

Ah! There seem no ray of hope

No silver lining around the cloud

Let’s pray for the departed soul

Because I have died

Life with Kids

Kids are the most beautiful creature humans can be blessed with. They complete our being , give us a new perception of life and set new goals for us . They make us relive our childhood. Their love for us make us special. They are a constant ray of hope and optimism. They make life enjoyable and worth living. I think kids help us explore the best of our abilities and take us towards a high level of maturity.

Blogging expedition

Its been a week I have started blogging. Its  been quite challenging for me especially when you think what to write and how to write; what style of writing should I follow. I think one should write whatever comes to mind; it should be extempor in my opinion. Blogging for me is the expression of myself; it can be a catharsis. It allows me to explore variety of topic and give my point of you. So there is a lot to be written…………