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          Hope for Life

Life was sobbing in the slums of adversity. Dressed in shatters, scattered hair and empty stomach, it needed help. Hope came running , wiped its tears and asked Life,” Let’s play”. But Life wasn’t interested. It was hungry.

            Hope held it’s hand and roamed in search of food in the heaps of garbage. After a while, kindness passed through that way and gave some bread to life. A beautiful smile engulfed Hope’s face watching Life eating. Life was happy. Hope thanked Kindness for this charity and Adversity disappeared for a while. So hope, kindness and little acts of charity can make life happy.

Expression of Life

The day didn’t look so bright before

The night not so enchanting before

The moon not so shining before

The flowers not so beautiful before

The cool breeze not so refreshing before

The singing birds not so melodious before

The expectations not so low before

The gratitude not so eternal before

The life not so blissful before


I was not that expressive before.

Word Power

Words are the most powerful tool of communication. They can make or break any bond. Our choice of words defines our identity and character. They depict our thoughts , intellect and behaviour. The show how cultured, civilized and educated we are.

We should use words very carefully. We are in habit of using the words bluntly without knowing their outcome. We can strengthen our relations and make this world a better place by using the words of love,kindness and sympathy. What are your thoughts?