9 thoughts on “Poetry……Hollow

  1. Bilkul sahi faramaaya,
    Bus yehi zindagi ha haasil hain. Darasal ye zindagi baanaai hi isi tarah hai ke har cheez ka najeeta aakhir mein kuch nahin bus ek toota dil aur tanhaai.

    Describes the depth of your feelings so well.
    Very well written.

    You writing seems to of a writer with a broken heart these days.
    Cheer up! 😁Ye sab waqti hai guzar hi jaaega.

    Very well written by the way.

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      1. The world is full of people who think they are only who need to be respected and all others are no where close to them. Na hote hue bhi khud ko tees maar khan samjhte hain kuch log aise bhi log hain is duniya mein. Behtar hai un se kinaara kashi ki jaae but the worst part could be if they are one those whom you have to deal with on a regular basis.

        Yaad rakhiye izzat aur zillat sab sirf aur sirf Allah ke haath mein hai. Is baat par kaamil yaqeen rakhiye ke Wo aap ko respect de na den is se farq nahin padta.

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