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Challenges of life

Let’s be honest,Let’s be wise Have some patience to gain some rise Because it takes a while To be a person you want to be in life It will whip you with a lash Try to throw you in a trash But you will return with a might Beating it with humility,perseverance and great insightContinue reading “Challenges of life”

I am still alive

I am still alive Going through the brutalities of life Tormented by the negative vibes I am still alive Harsh words piercing through my soul Tearing me apart by throwing stones I am still alive Stung by gusty and harsh behaviours Causing me severe failures I am still alive Striving for hardships to grind CravingContinue reading “I am still alive”

Hustling of Life — haroonsblog

Hurry,hurry, hurry There is no time to worry The world is going very fastly And I don’t want to be left out lastly It is running after money And wants to have every luxury We are losing our values slowly Sportsmanship,tolerance,forgiveness honestly Life is passing by having worldly pain Without caring for everlasting gain Hustling ofContinue reading “Hustling of Life — haroonsblog”