Blogging expedition

Its been a week I have started blogging. Its  been quite challenging for me especially when you think what to write and how to write; what style of writing should I follow. I think one should write whatever comes to mind; it should be extempor in my opinion. Blogging for me is the expression ofContinue reading “Blogging expedition”

I am still alive

I am still alive Going through the brutalities of life Tormented by the negative vibes I am still alive Harsh words piercing through my soul Tearing me apart by throwing stones I am still alive Stung by gusty and harsh behaviours Causing me severe failures I am still alive Striving for hardships to grind CravingContinue reading “I am still alive”

Depression — haroonsblog

Depression is a silent killer.It breaks in to your mind silently and takes control of your body very quickly.It snatches the dreamsof your life the desire to live and battle the hardships of life. It makes you hate your life and crave for death.It creeps into your mind and you only look at the negativity.But […]Continue reading “Depression — haroonsblog”

Hustling of Life — haroonsblog

Hurry,hurry, hurry There is no time to worry The world is going very fastly And I don’t want to be left out lastly It is running after money And wants to have every luxury We are losing our values slowly Sportsmanship,tolerance,forgiveness honestly Life is passing by having worldly pain Without caring for everlasting gain Hustling ofContinue reading “Hustling of Life — haroonsblog”